My blog is (presently) a Hugo generated static site. In previous years, I’ve written posts on it sporadically. This year, I added “Logs” and “Today I Learned” (TIL) categories of posts. The former is the least formal and typically focuses on something I read or thought about at a surface level. These encourage my habit of writing and have started to become a way I bookmark things I’ve really enjoyed, start to develop ideas or publicly journal, since I’m personally not too keen on social media.

I’ve also started to try and make predictions and revisit those periodically to improve how I respond in uncertain situations. The idea is to see if I could have understood something differently in the moment the looking back in retrospect, especially when my predictions are wrong, to see if I made the best call I could in the moment. These were inspired by “remind me in”-style replies on a few social sites.

I write TIL posts to summarize something new I learned and the process by which I got to that point of understanding. These help reinforce learnings and serve as documentation for future me.

Tech: Hugo, Python, Make, Vercel

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