I finished migrating my site to the latest release of Hugo today. It’s been quite a while since I’d pulled the latest changes but most of the fixes were straightforward. A number of the partials had been updated, so I need to port my custom components to incorporate the changes. I also migrated what I’d previously kept in a static directory to assets.

I looked further into using hidutil to replace Karabiner. It looks like the utility can’t map a single keypress to multiple keys, so it can’t directly substitute for how I use Karabiner. Along the way, I found this useful tool for generating a plist file to load a startup to persist hotkeys across system restarts. I was considering switching to use the right command key, but it looks like Hammerspoon may not provide hotkey support for that according to this issue. I might be able to put something together in combination with skhd, but this idea is going to the backburner for now.